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Lock Up Your Boss 2019: Myogen

The team from Myogen Canberra of Jess Clark, Antony Choice and Scott Smith have raised over $1200 so far, closing in on their target of $2000!

You might be thinking what is Myogen, and what do they do? Soft tissue therapy, sports massage, remedial massage, strength & conditioning and myofascial dry needling for active people in ACT and NSW.

We caught up with Jess, Ant and Scotty to find out more about them and why they’re involved with #LUYB2019

1. Why have you been locked up?

We do some work in our Business with Melissa Breen – she is actually our logo if you have a look, but she is also a great ambassador to Lifeline Canberra and she asked us if we wanted to be involved and we think it’s a fun way to shine some light on the darker things that are affecting our community – Since we’re only a small business we’ve been saying it’s more like “lock up your therapist” around here.. Perhaps some pay-back for all the treatment pain dished out!!!…

2. How are you going to get enough support to post bail?

We’ve got it all over our socials, talking about it in our work days & treatments with clients and we’re also looking to organise some classes (stretching/ mobility) for donations to help us post bail.

3. Have you set a bail goal? Any unique fundraising strategies?

We set it at $1500 initially but got an overwhelming response in the first couple of days from our legendary clientele so now we’ve upped it and hoping to hit $2000.

4. How important to you, and/or your organisation is mental health, and why?

Mental health is extremely important to us at Myogen, we deal in the therapeutic and rehabilitative nature of injuries relating to peoples sporting, workplace and lifestyle endeavours. It’s sometimes scary, disappointing and depressing to have pain or injury affecting the ability to do what you like so we see on a daily basis the impact this can take on people not only in a physical way but also how it can impact their mood, mental health and families.

From a therapist and client care point of view it’s also really vital that we stay on-top of our own mental health and recognise that to be able to offer the personalised service we do with our own clients, that we avoid burnout and overload and emphasise the importance of self-care and having some time-out to keep ourselves ticking. We love dealing with people in our daily work but it’s really easy to get busy looking after everyone else but we cannot offer the best version of ourselves if we don’t also look after ourselves first.

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