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Lifeline Canberra Training Room

Level 1, 71 Northbourne Avenue
Lifeline Canberra Training Room ACT 2601

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Online (Webinar)

Hosted via Zoom Webinar

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Transport Canberra

480 Northbourne Avenue
Dickson, Transport Canberra ACT 2602

This is booked for Training Room 22.

Training Room 22 is located on the ground floor of 480 Northbourne Ave in the publicly available area so there is no need to obtain a security pass. Please let the reception team know you’re delivering training on your arrival – they are at the entry to the building – so they can register your attendance.

There is free parking available at Southwell Park (corner of Northbourne Ave and Mouat Streets) which is a short walk from 480. There is also a Wilson car park underneath the building

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